Epilfree - ABOUT US

About Us

Our laboratories base on the qualification, experience and knowledge of partners in there proficiency:

Yoel Konis Phd is a scientist in the field of cosmetic chemistry, has more then 30 years of experience in inventing & preparing cosmetic formulas, patents and smart cosmetic solutions.

Pery Agur is a Marketing expert, manager, business consultant, who has established marketing frame works for the last 26 years.

Dr Zhai Selkovitz – dermatologist, specialist in esthetical surgery & medical cosmetic. 
Our company occupation is:
  • Develop new cosmetic products which are base either on scientific "state of the art", modern bio mimetic ingredients or natural, organic & "green" ingredients.
  • Accompaniment & consulting cosmetic producers with knowledge services.
  • Develops I P, smart and effective products which are intent to be protected by a patent registration.
Epilfree – hair removal  - Post epilation treatment is is part of comprehensive treatment which inhibits and slows down re growth of body hair.
It based on combination of natural & synthetic ingredients only, and consists of essential liquids extracted from herbs, such as Ladies Mantle and Eucalyptus.
The preparation includes ingredients which nourish and soften the skin and enabling substance onto the skin pores to the hair follicle.
Last version released on January 2012 and achieved average up to 70% - 80% of hair reduce sucess. this result can be changed between patient to patient according to: gender, age, hormonal profile, heredity, treated area and individual reaction.

For more information please contact us: info@epilfree.com