Hair overgrowth symptoms & reasons

Overgrowth of hair may appear on human as a result of:
  • From birth (Genetic).
  • Hormonal imbalance.
Genetic disposition - Overgrowth from birth is mostly attributed to genetics, some people are hairier than others. Women usually show overgrowth on the limbs, forehead and sideburns.
Hormonal imbalance – the overgrowth appears at puberty and usually shows on lower jaw, chest, neck, back and buttocks.
Human body hair can be of two major types:
Vallus hair – fuzzy, soft to touch, somewhat invisible
Terminal hair – longer, thicker, stiff, comes in many shades
Throughout life some vallus hair becomes terminal hair. The human body contains about 5 million hairs from both types, same for both men and women. All hair papillae are developed before birth.
Body hair grows about 0.2 millimeters per day, maximum growth takes between 2 to 6 months, to a maximum of 3 centimeters.
Men grow hair faster than women.
The intensity of hair growth and growth period depends on the person’s age and hormonal activity.
Hair structure 
Hair Life Cycle

Human Hair Facts

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