Epilfree - HOW IT WORKS

Method of Use:

The Epilfree treatment consists of 3 simple steps: 

  1. Perform high quality Epilation treatment (hair removal with Epilfree approved wax)
  2. Apply Activator A (Clear lotion) – spread on treated surface.
  3. Apply Toner B (Gold lotion) - massage into skin of treated surface
Prior to Treatment – Instruct your clients that they must arrive for treatment with clean skin.  Absolutely no lotions, creams, makeup, powders, deodorant, etc. can be on the skin as these may block the follicles.  Recommend a regular shower with a thorough rinsing off of soaps and cleansers on the day of treatment to avoid any residue on the skin. 
Step 1 - Hair removal by waxing with an Epilfree Approved Wax
All unwanted hair should be thoroughly removed from the treatment area by waxing.  For best results, it is required to use an Epilfree Approved hard or soft Wax that has been tested and shown to leave no residue.
Use clippers if necessary to trim the hair to between 2.5 mm – 5 mm for best waxing results.  . 
Do your best to remove the hair from the root.  It is strongly recommended to check the waxing strips under a magnifying glass to verify hair is being pulled from the root.
Do not apply any lotion, cream, oil or other post-wax treatment on the area. This can clog the follicles and will prevent good results.
IMPORTANT:  Perform Step 2 immediately after Step 1
Step 2 – Applying and spreading Activator A.
The Activator A includes antiseptic ingredients that disinfect the treatment area and opens the follicles 4 times the normal size to allow Toner B to enter the follicles.
Applying Activator A:
Spray (use drops for the Facial area) the Activator A on treatment area and spread it lightly with your hands until the area is covered.
Set timer for 3 minutes and move to Step 3, applying Toner B.
IMPORTANT: Wear non-powdered gloves before Step 3 in order to not absorb Toner into your hands nor to create heat from friction (rubbing skin on skin) that would change the viscosity of the Toner!
Step 3 – Applying and massaging Toner B.
Drip a sufficient number of drops of Toner B onto the treatment area.  Spread the Toner B lightly over the entire treatment area.  Massage Toner B into the skin in the direction opposite to hair growth with a strong, firm pressure, massaging motion using your gloved fingers, until all the Toner B is absorbed into the skin.  On large areas (chest, back) use the palm of your hands and strong pressure to ensure Toner B enters the follicles to stop the hair growth.
After the Epilfree Treatment:
It is very important to instruct your client to not wash or bathe the treated area at all, nor swim, workout or perspire for the next 6 hours.  Absolutely no post-waxing products, creams, lotions, makeup, deodorants, perfumes, etc. can be used on the area within the first 6 hours after treatment.  If the client does not adhere to these instructions, the effectiveness of the treatment will be reduced.
Safe to Use
Epilfree is certified by the health authorities of the European Union CPNP and registered with Health Canada and FDA in the United States.
Epilfree has been tested and approved by Cosmepar laboratory in France and shown to be without known irritatants nor side effects.

How EpilFree works